Wearable Air Purifier

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Product Name: Wearable Air Purifier

Model: EDS-7070

Power Source:

Capacity: 1m³

Power: 0.5W

Voltage: 5V

Anoin: 3,000,000pcs

Working area: 1 cubic meter

Color: Color, black, silver, white, gold

Power source: Lithium battery

Net weight: 32g

The cleaning principle of this wearable air purifier is to use negative ions to charge small particles in the air, and then use the mutual exclusion between the same kind of charge to reduce the concentration of pollutants. The carbon fiber brush system releases 2 million beneficial ions into the air every second, and the released negative ions are adsorbed to the air molecules and pollutant particles (not passing 0.1 um ions), which are negatively ionized. Negatively ionized particles repel each other by carrying the same polarity charge, thereby flying away from people and adsorbing to the surface of nearby positively charged materials (such as tables, chairs, walls, clothes, etc.) without entering the human respiratory tract.

When the product is started, it will continuously release ecological-grade negative oxygen ions into the air, and the purified air will flow upwards and blow to the user's nasal cavity.

Simply put, air purifiers have both passive and active purification.

1. The most typical type of passive purification is the filter inside the fuselage. This kind of purification method requires the air around the air purifier to be sucked into the inside of the fuselage. After filtering and purifying, it is discharged again, and the air volume of the air cleaner hanging around the neck. Absolutely not enough.

2. The other is active, typically photocatalyst. The air cleaner will actively distribute some things, purify the air pollutants, and hang it around the neck. This method is better than the filter screen, but this method does not have much effect once the person is moving.

This wearable air purifier looks tall, but it's actually quite practical to open the switch and hang it around your neck. When wearing, the lanyard should be in contact with the skin. The product has sound during use. The purifier is attached to the ear or has a relatively obvious sound.


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