CaCO₃ Filler Masterbatch for Nonwovens

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Our company's calcium carbonate filler as plastic additives, the biggest role is to save the cost of raw materials, adding large amount does not affect the performance of the product.

The product is based on PE or PP or HDPE as the carrier, a mixture of high-quality light calcium carbonate powder and a variety of plastic additives made of filler.

It has the advantages of superior processing performance, good dispersion, large amount of additive, and increase the whiteness, glossiness and smoothness of the product surface, and it can be well dissolved with the carrier resin and obviously improve the processing and using properties of the resin. It can greatly reduce the production cost and is an ideal multifunctional modified masterbatch.

Technical features:

1. This type of filler is of general grade, and the base material carrier is a brand new material of PE original factory original package. This type of calcium carbonate powder has passed 4200 mesh net, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and can provide relevant SGS test report

2. The biggest characteristic of the product is fine and pure texture, good processing performance, large amount of added, non-toxic, no moisture absorption, no discoloration.

3. The addition of the product can increase the hardness of the product, can enhance the mechanical properties of plastic wear resistance and thermal properties of aging resistance, overcome the low strength of plastic is not resistant to low temperature, rigid and easy to expand and other shortcomings.

4. By introducing special functional groups, the interfacial bonding of polyolefin plastics with non-polar objects can be improved, and the adhesion and solubility of polyolefin plastics with other objects can be improved.

5. The product itself has excellent water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and light resistance, does not have harmful chemical reactions with other plastic additives, does not contain harmful impurities to the resin processing. At the same time, it can absorb part of the moisture in the recycled material, eliminate the water lines on the surface of the product, and improve the appearance of the product.

6. For injection molding, 20%-50% can be added for blowing film requirements, 20%-50% can be added for pumping, without affecting the product performance.


1. Calcium carbonate WT% 84.

2. Melt temperature110 ℃.

3. Processing Temperature  140℃ -280℃.

4. Density g/cm3 ≤1.24.

5. Particle size of calcium carbonate powder μm 3.

6. Water content wt% ≤0.08.

7. Melt flow rate g/10min ≥15

8. Whiteness≥95

Sphere of action:

This product can be used for various processing processes of PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA and other plastics, such as injection molding, wire-drawing and pull-out of blown film sheets, etc. The amount of addition is up to 5-80%(depending on the product).

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